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Indiana Legion
Organization of Companies
Civil War
Harrison County, Indiana


Abstracted by
Walter S. Beanblossom
August 1973

The papers abstracted below were found recently while cleaning out storage areas
in the Harrison county courthouse at Corydon, Indiana. Faded and poor writing
(some in German script) made copying difficult. However, an attempt was made to
copy the records exactly as written even though the spelling was known to be 
wrong or different from that used today.
Some of the records are in the individuals own handwriting, others have been 
transcribed. The same names often appear on two or more company rolls. It is not
known whether or not they actually served in two companies or whether one company
may have been disbanded and they joined another.
So far as is known, these papers form the only known written record of the people
who served in the Harrison County Militia of the Indiana Legion. It is sincerely
hoped that no name has been omitted and that the spelling is near enough correct 
so that any person can spot his or her ancestor.
It has been a pleasure and privilege to copy these records and thus preserve them
for posterity.
		                                Table of Contents
Mauckport Rifles
Heth Rifles
Valley Rangers
Washington Guards

Laconia Guards
Scott Guards **
Scott Life Guards **
Jordan Guards **
Harrison County Border Scouts **
Harrison Cavalry **
Harrison Guards **
Jackson Guards
Palmyra Guards
Carter's Invincibles
Lawson's Grey Rifle Corps **
Spencer Guards **
Spencer Artilery **
Ellsworth Rifles **
Rosewood Guards
** - Participated in the Battle of Corydon - July 9, 1863

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